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Asian Studies

Asian Studies Academic Year 2018-2019

David Gardiner, Associate Professor
As part of his research in Japanese Religion, David has many articles/chapters in books on Shingon Tantric Buddhism and the 9th century monastic scholar Kukai. He is currently completing a book-length translation of a seminal theological treatise of... more

Fanny Zhang, Faculty
Fanny Zhang is a Chinese lecturer currently focusing on developing oral and written language tools that not only give students basic language skills but a broader context to meet different forms of communication and mediums. From casual conversations... more

Hong Jiang, Professor
Hong is completing a monograph, “Gender and Sexuality: Women’s Writing in Post-Mao China.” She is also working on an article on the issues of the relationship between word and image. more

Joan Ericson, Professor
Joan’s research focuses on two areas: modern Japanese women writers and their literary critics, and Japanese children’s literature and culture in the context of modernization. This includes literary parodies of folk tales such as “Momotaro” (Peach... more

John Williams, Professor
John is a scholar of early modern China whose work focuses on the relationship between the civil service examination system and popular culture in 17th century China. He is also developing work on popular culture, communist mobilization, political... more

Peter Wright, Associate Professor
Peter continues to work on his book manuscript entitled “Varieties of Islamic Humanism: Prophetic, Cosmopolitan, Gnostic, and Ecstatic,” under contract with Oneworld Books (London). more

Purvi Mehta, Assistant Professor
Purvi’s research focuses on caste, gender, and human rights issues in India. Her current project analyzes one strand of post-independence anti-caste activism, that of transnational Dalit activism (Dalits are the groups often glossed as “outcastes” or... more

Rebecca Tucker, Associate Professor
Rebecca’s field is art history in the early modern period in northern Europe as well as the colonial world. She focuses on issues of patronage, collecting, and display – that is, around questions of ownership, audience, and reception in works of art.... more

Tamara Bentley, Associate Professor
Tamara concentrates on relationships between visual and literary values in 17th century and 18th century Chinese and Japanese paintings and prints; as well as the international exchange of imagery in the early modern era. She has several articles... more

Victoria Levine, Professor
Levine co-authored an article with Emily Kohut ’16 titled “Finding A Balance: Music at Liberal Arts Colleges,” which will appear in a book on music pedagogy for the 21st century edited by Robin Moore (University of Texas-Austin) and being published by... more