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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry and Biochemistry Academic Year 2018-2019

Amanda Bowman, Assistant Professor
Amanda is an inorganic chemist who is interested in the study of transition metal compounds, especially those that exhibit spin-crossover behavior. Spin-crossover compounds are molecules that undergo a dramatic change in magnetic behavior due to... more

Amy Dounay, Assistant Professor
Amy is a medicinal chemist whose research involves the design and synthesis of new drug candidates. Her recent work in the pharmaceutical industry has included the investigation of new treatments for psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders,... more

Eli Fahrenkrug, Assistant Professor

Habiba Vaghoo, Assistant Professor
Habiba is an organic chemist whose research interests are in the area of organofluorine chemistry. She works on developing new reactions to introduce fluorine and fluorinated groups to small organic molecules of biological interest using microwave... more

Jessica Kisunzu, Assistant Professor
Dr. Kisunzu’s research interests are related to the formation and application of highly strained and reactive compounds called benzynes, as well as related compounds. Once formed, these intermediates can participate in a variety of reactions to access... more

Margaret Daugherty, Associate Professor
Peggy is a physical biochemist who uses thermodynamics to investigate how chemistry gives rise to function in biological systems. Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 is of interest to scientists due to its ability to utilize a diverse set of nutrients as a... more

Michael Travers, Visiting Assistant Professor

Murphy Brasuel, Chair
Murphy’s research interests center around taking advantage of the unique properties of nano-materials. The small size is useful for developing portable multiplexed sensors for the measurement of multiple analytes with the same device. Individual... more

Neena Grover, Professor
Neena is a nucleic acid biochemist who investigates the rules for the formation of RNA structures through thermodynamic analyses. She and her research students study small RNA that form unique structures or have interesting physiological properties,... more

Sally Meyer, Professor
Sally’s research interests are in theoretical physical chemistry and applied mathematics. more

Theodore Lindeman, Professor
While Ted continues working to enhance lab instruction, he has been increasingly tangled up in the mysteries of the newest generation of electrochemical cells (aka batteries.) These generally involve oxidation-reduction reactions so subtle they... more