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Classics Academic Year 2018-2019

Marcia Dobson, Professor
Marcia’s recent writing, teaching, and research lie in the interstices of classics (in particular classical myth and drama), and contemporary psychoanalysis. She teaches ancient Greek, Myth and Meaning, Discovering the Unconscious, and Life of the... more

Owen Cramer, Professor
Owen is a Hutchins-Chicago generalist with an Oberlin education, trained at the Arionera University of Texas as a Homerist (dissertation on “Odysseus in the Iliad”). He tries to keep up with developments in early Greek literature and history but has... more

Sanjaya Thakur, Chair
Sanjaya has published articles and reviews on the literature and culture of the early Roman Empire, in particular the reign of the emperor Augustus. His current projects include a series of articles on literature and inscriptions dating to the early... more