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Economics and Business

Economics and Business Academic Year 2018-2019

Aju Fenn, Professor
Aju is an applied micro-econometrician. He researches topics in the economics of sports, the economics of addiction, environmental economics and the pedagogical aspects of teaching and doing research with undergraduates in Economics. His work in... more

Christina Rader, Assistant Professor
Christina’s scholarly interests focus on organizational behavior and human judgment and decision making. She is particularly interested in exploring ways that people can improve their decision making by using advice from others. Her current work... more

Daniel Johnson, Professor
Dan studies the economics of innovation and technological change, but his liberal arts curiosity causes him to pursue other research interests as well. Recent published work includes an edited volume on agricultural productivity and peer-reviewed... more

Esther Redmount, Professor
Esther works on labor economics, especially child labor. She is interested in how poor households cope with unemployment, debt, illness, and other events that threaten income and consumption. Her most recent work is a paper entitled “Wage Payment... more

James Parco, Associate Professor
Continuing his collaboration with Sarah Spears ’13 and Dave Levy from the U.S. Air Force Academy, Jim completed his second and third papers on transgender service members in the U.S. military, both of which are currently under review. He is also... more

Jessica Hoel, Assistant Professor
Jessica works at the intersection of international development and behavioral economics. One previous project examined cooperation between spouses in Kenya, while another studied the effect of cognitive taxation on patience in Ethiopian university... more

Jill Tiefenthaler, Professor

John Mann, Faculty

Judy Laux, Faculty
Judy completed the final two articles in her series in finance (“Working Capital Management” and “Financial Management: An Organic Approach”) and published with three students: Abdoulaye Dabo (“A Probability Model for Earnings Restatement”), Yannick... more

Katrina Miller-Stevens, Assistant Professor
Katrina’s research interests include social entrepreneurship, nonprofit organizations, and collaboration. In the area of social entrepreneurship, she researches the similarities and differences between benefit corporations and nonprofit organizations.... more

Kevin Rask, Professor
Kevin is an applied econometrician whose research has focused in three areas: the economics of higher education; alternative energy use and ethanol; and the impact of public hospitals in the U.S. health care system. He is currently working on projects... more

Kirk Samelson, Faculty

Kristina M.L. Acri, nee Lybecker, Chair
Kristina’s research analyzes the challenges of encouraging innovation and protecting intellectual property, with particular attention to these issues in the context of global health. Her work examines the difficulties of strengthening intellectual... more

Mark Smith, Professor
Mark has recently published “Price Determination and Efficiency in the Market for South Platte Basin Ditch Company Shares,” with Matt Payne ’09 in the Journal of the American Water Resources Association. Their paper, which develops the first price... more

Neal Rappaport, Visiting Assistant Professor

Pedro de Araujo, Associate Professor
Pedro is currently working on several projects related to the economics of HIV/AIDS. He constructs macroeconomic models to investigate the relationship between socioeconomic characteristics, economic growth, and HIV prevalence. In one of his most... more

Richard Peterson, Visiting Assistant Professor

Sandeep Sharma, Visiting Assistant Professor

Tom Jeter, Faculty

Vibha Kapuria-Foreman, Professor
Vibha works on the economic development of “developing” countries and on the history of economic thought. Upcoming: Charles R. McCann, Jr. and Vibha Kapuria-Foreman, “Robert Franklin Hoxie: The Contributions of a Neglected Chicago Economist,” Research... more

William Craighead, Associate Professor
Bill’s primary research interests are in the area of international macroeconomics. Topics of his projects have included adjustment of current account deficits, the behavior of the US-UK real exchange rate across different historical periods and... more