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Colorado College Scholarship Database


Education Academic Year 2018-2019

Diane Comstock, Instructional Specialist and Supervisor

Heidi Pace, Faculty

Howard Drossman, Professor
Trained as a bioanalytical chemist, Howard’s current research focuses on biogeochemistry, environmental chemistry, and environmental education. He is co-founder of the Catamount Institute and Catamount Center, two nonprofit environmental organizations... more

Jennifer Wakeen, Visiting Assistant Professor

Joyce Hanagan, Faculty

Kathleen Randolph, Visiting Assistant Professor

Kristin Stanec, Director of Museum Education and Senior Lecturer
Kris is interested in the arts in education, specifically teaching with/in/about/through the arts, including visual, drama, dance, and music. Her recent focus of research is on integration models that bring a depth of meaning to each content area as... more

Kristina Valtierra, Assistant Professor
Tina is an active qualitative researcher in teacher thrival, educator dispositions, culturally responsive education, and literacy. Her book manuscript titled ‘Teach and Thrive’ will be out soon through a special series on urban education. With a Ph.D.... more

Lauren Lehmann, Faculty

Levka Craft, Visiting Assistant Professor

Lynne Fitzhugh, Visiting Assistant Professor

Manya Whitaker, Assistant Professor
Dr. Manya Whitaker is a developmental educational psychologist with expertise in social and political issues in education. Her courses include Urban Education, Diversity & Equity in Education, and Educational Psychology, among others. The majority of... more

Mark Buchanan, Visiting Assistant Professor

Michael Taber, Professor
Mike is a scientist and educator, focusing on how students learn inquiry through visualization and analysis of scientific data. Mike recently received a $1.2 million Robert F. Noyce grant, along with his Education Department colleagues, from the... more

Peter Hokanson, Visiting Assistant Professor

Sheryl Hobbs, Visiting Assistant Professor

Terri Gortner, Faculty