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English Department

English Department Academic Year 2018-2019

Barry Sarchett, Professor
In 2013, Barry chaired a panel at the Modern Language Association convention in Seattle, “Teaching Theory One Generation Later.” For that panel he delivered a paper entitled “Foundational Theory,” which he is currently revising for publication. In... more

Claire Oberon Garcia, Professor
Claire was lead editor of the collection, “From ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ to ‘The Help:’ Critical Perspectives on White-Authored Narratives of Black Life.” She is continuing her work on race, modernism, gender, citizenship, and the Black Atlantic. Her... more

Dan Tynan, Faculty
Dan is interested in exploring the relationship between literature and the environment and trying to find ways of enticing students and others to think critically about it. Last year, he taught a new course with Economics Professor Esther Redmount... more

David Mason, Chair
David is a writer of poetry and essays, and an editor and anthologist with many books to his name. His award-winning verse novel, “Ludlow,” was featured on the “PBS News Hour,” and he has also published a memoir, “News from the Village.” Other books... more

Genevieve Love, Associate Professor
Genevieve’s current book project investigates the labor of physically disabled characters in early modern English theatre. “Early Modern Theatre and the Figure of Disability” shows that early modern theatrical representation relied on representations... more

Jane Hilberry, Professor
Jane Hilberry’s most recent book is a volume of poetry titled “Still the Animals Enter” (Red Hen Press 2016). Her previous collection, “Body Painting,” won the Colorado Book Award for Poetry. With her father Conrad Hilberry, she co-authored “This... more

Jared Richman, Associate Chair
Professor Richman teaches courses on 18th-century literature, British Romanticism, Atlantic studies, disability, and comics and graphic narrative. He has published essays on literary works of William Blake, Charlotte Smith, Anna Seward, and on... more

John Simons, Professor
John co-authored a book with Robert Merrill entitled, “Peckinpah’s Tragic Westerns: A Critical Study,” which was published in 2011. He works, publishes, and gives papers primarily in American film genres: Westerns, crime dramas, science fiction,... more

Lisa Hughes, Associate Professor
As a classicist, Lisa’s primary interests are ancient drama in historical context, and the classical tradition in American culture, especially literature and film. Recent academic publications and presentations include women and war in Greek tragedy;... more

Natanya Pulley, Assistant Professor

Regula Evitt, Associate Professor
Re is a medievalist who works on drama, Marie de France, Dante, and Chaucer. Interested in literary history, semiotics, and cultural poetics, she also enjoys teaching History of the English Language, Shakespeare, fabliaux, and Renaissance Culture. Re... more

Steven Hayward, Associate Professor
Steve just published his fourth book, a collection of new and selected short stories called “To Dance the Beginning of the World.” He is at work on several projects, including Critical Karaoke, a collaborative radio project Ryan Banagale (Music) and... more

Sylvan Goldberg, Associate Professor

Tracy Santa, Director of the Writing Program and Writing Center, Lecturer in English