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Environmental Program

Environmental Program Academic Year 2018-2019

Corina McKendry, Assistant Professor
Corina’s research focuses on legitimacy, effectiveness, and equity in city environmental governance. With a focus on postindustrial cities in the Global North, she is particularly interested in how city leaders negotiate the tensions between... more

Eric Perramond, Professor
Eric is an environmental geographer and political ecologist who focuses on the Greater Southwest, Mediterranean Europe, and comparative environmental histories. Eric’s approaches to research can be found in his latest co-authored book “An Introduction... more

Jean Lee, Assistant Professor

Lynne Gratz, Assistant Professor
Lynne’s scholarly interests include air quality, atmospheric chemistry and transport. The objective of her work is to understand the spatiotemporal impacts of air pollutants on communities and sensitive ecosystems. She is currently studying the... more

Marc Snyder, Affiliated Faculty
Marc’s research interests include multi-species ecological interactions, their evolutionary consequences, and conservation/management implications. His current projects focus on interactions between mammalian herbivores and forest trees, chemical... more

Marion Hourdequin, Associate Professor
Marion’s research focuses on ethics, environmental ethics, and comparative philosophy (Chinese and Western). She also has interests in the philosophy of biology and philosophy of science. Her recent projects have explored the social and ethical... more

Michael Taber, Affiliated Faculty
Mike is a scientist and educator, focusing on how students learn inquiry through visualization and analysis of scientific data. Mike recently received a $1.2 million Robert F. Noyce grant, along with his Education Department colleagues, from the... more

Miro Kummel, Associate Professor
Miro is an ecologist interested in spatial population dynamics, climate change, agroecology, and soil ecology. His current projects involve 1) measuring the response of trees at alpine tree-line to climate change on the western side of Pikes Peak, and... more

Rebecca Barnes, Assistant Professor
Rebecca’s research examines how anthropogenic disturbance and ecosystem variability impacts the biogeochemistry of nitrogen and carbon. Her work utilizes concepts and methods from the fields of geochemistry and ecosystem science to understand how... more

Shane Heschel, Affiliated Faculty
Shane is a plant physiologist who examines how plants adapt to stressful environments. His projects include examining how water-use efficiency evolves in plant populations, how leaf-level gas exchange and germination physiology dictate species’ range... more