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Colorado College Scholarship Database

Film and Media Studies

Film and Media Studies Academic Year 2018-2019

Barry Sarchett, Professor
In 2013, Barry chaired a panel at the Modern Language Association convention in Seattle, “Teaching Theory One Generation Later.” For that panel he delivered a paper entitled “Foundational Theory,” which he is currently revising for publication. In... more

Clay Haskell, Assistant Professor
Clay’s scholarly interests include film history, social justice filmmaking, and the way technology influences visual communication styles and patterns of storytelling. He is currently working on a number of film projects, none of which is based on a... more

Dylan Nelson, Assistant Professor
Dylan Nelson’s film interests include the history and evolution of the documentary form, modes of screen storytelling, and the industrial, technological, and aesthetic practices of Hollywood and American independent cinema. As a documentary filmmaker,... more

Scott Krzych, Assistant Professor
Scott is currently working on a book manuscript concerning contemporary conservative political documentary. His essay on Citizens United documentaries, a chapter in the book project, is forthcoming in the journal Jump Cut. An essay on technology,... more