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French and Italian

French and Italian Academic Year 2018-2019

Alistaire Tallent, Associate Professor
Alistaire’s scholarly interests involve the 18th-century points of intersection between French literature and larger questions including gender, sexuality, scientific thought, and celebrity. Recent publications include an article in French Forum on... more

Amanda Minervini, Visiting Assistant Professor

Dario Sponchiado, Visiting Assistant Professor

Ibrahima Wade, Associate Professor
Ibrahima is interested in Francophone literatures and cultures: Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, the Maghreb, and Francophone Canada; also applied linguistics. He is in the final stages of editing a book on socio-cultural dualism in Francophone... more

Kobi Chumash, Faculty

Marina Pizzo, Visiting Assistant Professor

Michael O'Riley, Professor
Michael has published three books. His most recent work examines cinema and how it informs our understanding of terrorism. Other books have examined the relationship between nostalgia and colonial history, victimization and postcolonial theory, and... more

Nene Diop, Faculty