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Geology Academic Year 2018-2019

Christine Siddoway, Professor
Christine is a structural geologist who carries out field-based research in the Rocky Mountains and in West Antarctica. Recent work in Colorado and Wyoming related to the development of Laramide Mountains, through faulting and deformation. Previous... more

Henry Fricke, Associate Professor
Henry is a stable isotope geochemist who is currently working with students on a wide range of research topics. These include: the nature of terrestrial climate during greenhouse periods of the past; reconstructing ecological relations between... more

Jeff Noblett, Professor
Jeff is a petrologist who focuses on Tertiary volcanic rocks in Central Colorado. His recent work includes projects on the origin of the basalt flows in Salida, Colorado, examination of the links between mineral composition and chemical exchange... more

Paul Myrow, Professor
Paul works with students and international colleagues on a variety of projects in sedimentary geology and Earth history. He has an active National Science Foundation (NSF) grant with a colleague at MIT for the experimental study of the underlying... more

Will Levandowski, Visiting Assistant Professor