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German, Russian, and East Asian Languages Department

German, Russian, and East Asian Languages Department Academic Year 2018-2019

Alexei Pavlenko, Chair
This year, former student Michelle Olson and Alexei collaborated on a translation project for the “Reader of Late-Soviet and Post-Soviet Culture,” which will be published by Academic Studies Press in 2013. He was invited to the Tolstoy International... more

Chet Lisiecki, Visiting Assistant Professor

Christiane Steckenbiller, Assistant Professor
Christiane focuses much of her research on the intersections of literature, film, space, and identity, specifically with regard to migration. Her areas of specialization are 20th- and 21st-century German literature and film, with an emphasis on... more

Fanny Zhang, Faculty
Fanny Zhang is a Chinese lecturer currently focusing on developing oral and written language tools that not only give students basic language skills but a broader context to meet different forms of communication and mediums. From casual conversations... more

Hiromi Onishi, Visiting Assistant Professor

Hong Jiang, Professor
Hong is completing a monograph, “Gender and Sexuality: Women’s Writing in Post-Mao China.” She is also working on an article on the issues of the relationship between word and image. more

Joan Ericson, Professor
Joan’s research focuses on two areas: modern Japanese women writers and their literary critics, and Japanese children’s literature and culture in the context of modernization. This includes literary parodies of folk tales such as “Momotaro” (Peach... more

Natalia Khan, Faculty

Niels Davis, 3D Arts Shop Supervisor

Tatiana Nikolskaya, Faculty