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History Academic Year 2018-2019

Amy Kohout, Assistant Professor
Amy is a cultural and environmental historian. Her research interests include the American West, the history of natural history, American empire, museum studies, world’s fairs, and the history of science and technology. Her current book project, based... more

Bryan Rommel-Ruiz, Professor
Bryan is an historian of early America, currently examining another side of the revolutionary period in a book-length study: “Between African and Colored: The Black Atlantic and Afro-Americans in Rhode Island and Nova Scotia, 1750-1850.” His... more

Carol Neel, Chair
Neel writes about medieval spiritual life, working lately on imageries of bodily confinement and liberation in relation to the realities of the experience of medieval monks, sisters, and the sick folk for whom they cared. She has a number of small... more

Douglas Monroy, Professor
Doug’s “The Borders Within: Encounters with Mexico and the U.S.” has been recently released by the University of Arizona Press. It covers such topics as NAFTA, latino identities, tourism, the California missions, Wilsonian liberalism and Mexico,... more

Jamal Ratchford, Assistant Professor
Jamal’s teaching and research focus is on Africana studies, African American history, United States history, gender, and sports and popular culture. He currently is revising a book manuscript titled “Raise Your Black Fists: Race, Track and Field, and... more

Jane Murphy, Associate Professor
Jane examines scientific practices and practitioners in 18th-century Cairo, from Ottoman rule through the French occupation. Her study considers the cultural and intellectual roles of the sciences in the early modern Ottoman Empire more broadly and in... more

John Williams, Professor
John is a scholar of early modern China whose work focuses on the relationship between the civil service examination system and popular culture in 17th century China. He is also developing work on popular culture, communist mobilization, political... more

Lori Driscoll, Professor
Lori’s research explores the complex interrelationships between nutrition, toxicology, and neurobehavioral development. Using rodents as a model for human neural functioning, she manipulates dietary factors, exposure to environmental toxins, and... more

Peter Blasenheim, Professor
Peter continues to work on late 19th- and early 20th-century Minas Gerais (Brazil) history. He recently submitted a lengthy article on politics in Minas during this period. In 2010, he co-edited a book with a Brazilian colleagues on the prominent... more

Purvi Mehta, Assistant Professor
Purvi’s research focuses on caste, gender, and human rights issues in India. Her current project analyzes one strand of post-independence anti-caste activism, that of transnational Dalit activism (Dalits are the groups often glossed as “outcastes” or... more

Susan Ashley, Professor
Susan is finishing a manuscript on misfits in late 19th and early 20th century Italy and France. The work focuses on explanations of criminality, vagrancy, madness, genius, and sexual perversion, or, more briefly, on the “biology of evil” and its... more

Tip Ragan, Professor
This past academic year, Tip Ragan and his colleague, Jeffrey Merrick, completed their book manuscript, “Policing Homosexuality in Pre-Revolutionary Paris.” In addition, Tip wrote a chapter on the decriminalization of sodomy during the French... more