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Mathematics and Computer Science

Mathematics and Computer Science Academic Year 2018-2019

Andrea Bruder, Associate Professor
Andrea’s research interests are in the theory of differential equations and their applications in mathematical biology. Most recently, she has worked with David Brown in the Math Department and Miro Kummel in the Environmental Program on modeling an... more

Andrew Kelley, Visiting Assistant Professor

Ben Ylvisaker, Assistant Professor

Beth Malmskog, Assistant Professor

Dan Ellsworth, Visiting Assistant Professor

David Brown, Associate Professor
David’s field is mathematical biology. He has worked on a wide range of topics, including the spread of infectious diseases, predator-prey dynamics, and the regulation of gene expression in bacteria. His recent work has focused on bacterial quorum... more

Diana Anderson, Faculty

Fred Tinsely, Professor

Fred Tinsley, Professor Emeritus
Fred's interest in high-dimensional geometric topology continues. He and a colleague at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee are studying generalizations of their recently published work. Results to this point are encouraging. Steven Janke and Fred... more

Jane McDougall, Associate Professor
What is the surface of the smallest area spanning a given contour? The answer can be found by dipping a wire contour into soapy water and observing the resulting soap film, a physical example of minimal surface. The technical definition of a minimal... more

Janet Burge, Assistant Professor
Janet’s research spans several areas. Her main research area is in design rationale, a sub-field of artificial intelligence in design. Design rationale describes the reasons behind decisions made when designing software or other artifacts. This... more

John Watkins, Professor

Kathy Merrill, Faculty

Kirsten Hogenson, Visiting Assistant Professor

Matthew Whitehead, Assistant Professor
Matthew’s main research interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining. In the past he has focused on building ensemble machine learning models that are accurate and more efficient than traditional methods. More recently he... more

Mike Siddoway, Professor
Mike’s research interests are in module theory, commutative algebra, and the history of mathematics. His studies in the history of mathematics are focused on the quadrature of lunes, which most recently involves the translation from Latin of papers by... more

Molly Moran, Assistant Professor

Stefan Erickson, Chair
Stefan works on algebraic number theory and hyperelliptic curve cryptography. His most recent publication is entitled “Explicit Formulas for Real Hyperelliptic Curves of Genus 2 in Affine Representation” with Andreas Stein and Michael J. Jacobson, Jr.... more

Steven Janke, Professor
Steven’s current interests include modeling complex systems in environmental science, developing mathematical techniques in computer graphics, and using Bayesian approaches in statistics and machine learning. more