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Music Academic Year 2018-2019

Alex Vieira, Faculty

Ann Brink, Visiting Assistant Professor

Cully Joyce, Visiting Assistant Professor

Dan Fosha, Faculty

Deborah Teske, Faculty

Diana Anderson, Faculty

Frank Shelton, Visiting Assistant Professor

Haley Rhodeside, Visiting Assistant Professor

I. Made Lasmawan, Faculty

Jeremy Van Hoy, Visiting Assistant Professor

Jerilyn Jorgensen, Faculty

Joyce Polifka, Faculty

Judeth Shay Comstock, Visiting Assistant Professor

Katya Dobrotvorskaia, Faculty

Keith Reed, Faculty

Marc Neihof, Faculty

Martile Rowland, Visiting Assistant Professor

Michael Grace, Professor
Michael is investigating the relationship between piano music and paintings. His current focus is on the art of Giotto and the music of George Crumb, and will be followed by work on Raphael and Liszt, Böcklin and Rachmaninoff, and Watteau and Debussy.... more

Monica Ding, Faculty

Nancy Ekberg, Faculty

Ofer Ben-Amots, Professor
Summer 2015 started with the completion of a new commissioned chamber work: “The Curved Road,” which was premiered in July at the Green Box Arts Festival in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. Meanwhile, Ofer traveled to attend concert and recordings of... more

Paul Nagem, Faculty

Peter Cooper, Visiting Assistant Professor

Rex Matzke, Faculty

Richard Agee, Professor
Richard's research explores relationships among music-printing firms in Italy in the context of the early modern period. Toward that end, he has focused on monophonic plainchant, since this relatively stable repertoire enables more comprehensive... more

Ryan Banagale, Assistant Professor
Ryan’s research examines the intersections of classical and popular music in America and the historical narratives that emerge from such points of collision. His first book, “Arranging Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue and the Creation of an American Icon”... more

Steve Barta, Faculty

Thomas Taylor, Faculty

Victoria Levine, Professor
Levine co-authored an article with Emily Kohut ’16 titled “Finding A Balance: Music at Liberal Arts Colleges,” which will appear in a book on music pedagogy for the 21st century edited by Robin Moore (University of Texas-Austin) and being published by... more