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Colorado College Scholarship Database

Organismal Biology and Ecology

Organismal Biology and Ecology Academic Year 2018-2019

Boyce Drummond, Visiting Assistant Professor

Brian Linkhart, Professor
Brian is an avian ecologist concentrating on the population dynamics and habitat selection of raptors, particularly small forest owls. In the past few years, he has presented several papers at national meetings coauthored with students, including... more

Emilie Gray, Associate Professor
Emilie is an evolutionary physiologist investigating how insects and other arthropods adapt to ever-changing environments. She’s particularly interested in mosquitoes, as their ability to respond to stresses such as climate change and insecticide use... more

James Ebersole, Professor
Jim does research with students to learn how to restore Colorado alpine vegetation damaged by recreationists. He has published with student co-authors several journal articles in an international journal, presented at the Society for Ecological... more

Marc Snyder, Professor
Marc’s research interests include multi-species ecological interactions, their evolutionary consequences, and conservation/management implications. His current projects focus on interactions between mammalian herbivores and forest trees, chemical... more

Mark Wilson, Associate Professor
Mark studies evolutionary relationships among orchids of the group Pleurothallidinae, particularly the genus Pleurothallis. These orchids occur as epiphytes in high-elevation cloud forests from southern Mexico, through Central America, into the Andean... more

Rachel Jabaily, Assistant Professor

Shane Heschel, Associate Professor
Shane is a plant physiologist who examines how plants adapt to stressful environments. His projects include examining how water-use efficiency evolves in plant populations, how leaf-level gas exchange and germination physiology dictate species’ range... more