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Philosophy Academic Year 2018-2019

Alberto Hernandez-Lemus, Associate Professor
Alberto does research on the role of philosophy in the evolution of the concept of race. He has written on the nature of civil society in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, as well as more generally on the subject of globalization. He is currently... more

Dennis McEnnerney, Associate Professor
Dennis specializes in political philosophy, with interests both in the history of political and philosophic thought and in contemporary political philosophy. He has several projects underway, including a book manuscript focusing on resistance and... more

Helen Daly, Associate Professor
Helen is a metaphysician and philosopher of language in the Anglo-American (analytic) tradition. She works on fundamental philosophical research, applied to important issues of our day. For example, she has published work on the application of... more

John Riker, Professor
John read three conference papers in foreign lands: “What Do Humans Need to be Human? Self-psychology and the Problem of Social Justice,” International Conference on the Psychology of the Self, Jerusalem, October 2014; “Ancient Theology and... more

Jonathan Lee, Professor
Jonathan’s current work continues his longstanding commitment to bringing philosophy and contemporary arts into fruitful modes of dialogue. His primary project is “Jean-Luc Godard: Philosophical Investigations,” a non-technical introduction to the... more

Marion Hourdequin, Associate Professor
Marion’s research focuses on ethics, environmental ethics, and comparative philosophy (Chinese and Western). She also has interests in the philosophy of biology and philosophy of science. Her recent projects have explored the social and ethical... more

Rick Furtak, Chair
Rick continues to write about the relations between philosophy and literature as well as the legacy of existential philosophy (especially the work of Søren Kierkegaard). The main research project that he is currently finishing is an interdisciplinary... more