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Physics Academic Year 2018-2019

Barbara Whitten, Professor Emeritus
Barbara’s physics research is in theoretical atomic and molecular physics. She has worked on problems in x-ray laser plasmas and collisions involving oriented atoms. Recently she has become interested in issues involving women in physics. She has... more

Kristine Lang, Professor
Kristine is an experimental physicist specializing in the use of scanned probe microscopy techniques. As their name would imply, these technique rely on moving a small (nanometer scale) probe across the object of study and then using a computer to... more

Natalie Gosnell, Assistant Professor

Patricia Purdue, Associate Professor
Patricia continues research in gravitational-wave physics and astronomy. She analyzes highly magnetized neutron stars as sources of gravitational waves, and performs numerical simulations to determine the effects of meteors on the detection... more

Phillip Cervantes, Associate Professor
Phillip’s scholarly interests lie in solid-state high-pressure physics, more specifically, the electronic band structure of semiconductors under pressure. Simply put, he squeezes crystals (e.g. table salt) so they become uniformly smaller and... more

Richard Hilt, Professor
Dick pursues multiple paths in the integration of physics with other fields, such as archeology, and periods, such as the Renaissance. more

Shane Burns, Professor
Shane's principal research interest is cosmology. He is a member of the Supernova Cosmology Project, one of two research teams whose leaders received the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics. The prize was awarded for the groups' discovery that the universe is... more

Stephanie DiCenzo, Associate Professor