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Political Science

Political Science Academic Year 2018-2019

Christian Sorace, Assistant Professor

Corina McKendry, Assistant Professor
Corina’s research focuses on legitimacy, effectiveness, and equity in city environmental governance. With a focus on postindustrial cities in the Global North, she is particularly interested in how city leaders negotiate the tensions between... more

Dana Wolfe, Associate Professor
Dana studies American politics, with specific interests in gender, public opinion, public policy, and Congress. She is currently working on a project to identify effective counter-trafficking practices in the United States. She is also involved in... more

Elizabeth Coggins, Assistant Professor
Elizabeth’s scholarly interests in political science include ideological identification, public opinion, and political psychology. Her current research centers on the individual-level foundations of ideological identifications, including psychological... more

Eve Grace, Associate Professor
Eve specializes in the study of texts of political philosophy, in particular addressing the question of the radical conflicts between political, religious, and moral life on the one hand, and philosophy on the other. She teaches a variety of authors,... more

John Gould, Professor
John’s past research examines the intersection of politics and economics in post-Communist Europe, the Balkans, and sub-Saharan Africa. His publications have appeared in Business and Politics, Review of International Politic al Economy, Global... more

Joseph Derdzinski, Faculty

Juan Lindau, Professor
Juan is working on a book about Mexican immigration into the Four Corners area of Colorado and focusing on questions of identity and self-definition among recent migrants. He continues to research the drug war in Mexico and publish articles on the subject. more

Robert Lee, Professor
Bob is at work on a book-length project called “Culture and Politics in the Middle East and North Africa.” It will examine the multiple definitions of culture and the complicated ways in which national, subnational, and supranational cultures affect... more

Tania Cronin, Faculty

Tom Cronin, Professor
Tom’s latest books are “Leadership Matters: Unleashing the Power of Paradox” (Paradigm Publishers, 2012); “Colorado Politics and Policy: Governing a Purple State,” co-authored with Robert D. Loevy (University of Nebraska Press, 2012); and “The... more