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Psychology Academic Year 2018-2019

Emily Chan, Associate Professor
Emily is a social psychologist with broad interest in social cognition. She is interested in topics relating to how people perceive other social entities (branding of corporations in terms of warmth and competence), the expression of prejudices and... more

Jason Weaver, Assistant Professor

John Horner, Professor
John is interested in how humans and animals learn about their environment. In the past, his research has involved human memory for common objects, animal choice/decision rules, the allocation of behavior, spatial memory, and the evolution of... more

Kevin Holmes, Assistant Professor
Kevin’s research explores the interrelations of mind, world, and language. Current projects examine the role of language in perception, thinking, and reasoning; the spatial foundations of numerical cognition; and the consequences of learning multiple... more

Kristi Erdal, Professor
Kristi's book, The Adulteration of Children's Sport: Waning Health and Well-being in the Age of Organized Play, was just published in the fall of 2018. It is a summary of the psychological, sociological, and physiological consequences of adults... more

Lori Driscoll, Professor
Lori’s research explores the complex interrelationships between nutrition, toxicology, and neurobehavioral development. Using rodents as a model for human neural functioning, she manipulates dietary factors, exposure to environmental toxins, and... more

Patricia Waters, Associate Professor

Robert Jacobs, Professor
Bob’s research focuses on quantitative neuromorphology in the human and non-human animal brain. Recent investigations have focused on comparative neuromorphology in elephant, cetacean, giraffe, and tiger brains, which complements his interests in... more

Tomi-Ann Roberts, Professor
Tomi-Ann is involved in personal and collaborative research on the social psychology of gender, emotions, and the body. Her work on the psychological consequences of the sexual objectification of girls and women has resulted in numerous articles,... more