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Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies

Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies Academic Year 2018-2019

Dwanna Robertson, Assistant Professor
Dwanna’s research interests include the reproduction of social inequality through race, ethnicity, and gender processes, particularly as related to indigenous peoples of the geographical U.S. Her work focuses on indigenous identities and... more

Jamal Ratchford, Assistant Professor
Jamal’s teaching and research focus is on Africana studies, African American history, United States history, gender, and sports and popular culture. He currently is revising a book manuscript titled “Raise Your Black Fists: Race, Track and Field, and... more

Michael Sawyer, Assistant Professor
Michael takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the revolutionary potentiality, aspirations, and praxis of subaltern political subjects. His work is primarily in political philosophy and he employs political theory/philosophy, critical... more