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Religion Academic Year 2018-2019

David Gardiner, Associate Professor
As part of his research in Japanese Religion, David has many articles/chapters in books on Shingon Tantric Buddhism and the 9th century monastic scholar Kukai. He is currently completing a book-length translation of a seminal theological treatise of... more

David Weddle, Professor Emeritus
David was named the 2009 Regional Senior Scholar by the Rocky Mountain-Great Plains Region of the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature and delivered a plenary address at the spring meeting, entitled “Ceci n’est pas une pipe:... more

Devaka Premawardhana, Assistant Professor

Pamela Reaves, Assistant Professor
Pam’s research spans a range of topics in New Testament and early Christian studies, including Gnostic traditions; the emergence of orthodoxy and heresy; and martyrdom and persecution. In her current project, Pam shows how divergent views on suffering... more

Peter Wright, Associate Professor
Peter continues to work on his book manuscript entitled “Varieties of Islamic Humanism: Prophetic, Cosmopolitan, Gnostic, and Ecstatic,” under contract with Oneworld Books (London). more

Tracy Coleman, Professor
Tracy is a scholar of Hinduism and its traditions of bhakti (devotion), especially Krishna-bhakti in the Sanskrit epics and purāṇas, and her teaching and research address issues of women, men, and gender in religion and society. Her current book... more