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Sociology Academic Year 2018-2019

Emily Schneider, Visiting Assistant Professor

Eric Popkin, Associate Professor
Eric is interested in Latin American migration and in migrant communities in the U.S. He presented work on Pan Mayan ethnicity in Los Angeles, the impact of migrant remittances on Central American socioeconomic development, and how Central American... more

Gail Murphy-Geiss, Associate Chair
As Title IX coordinator, Gail conducted CC’s climate survey on sexual harassment and assault, as required by federal law. The findings were reported to student leaders, the president, and the Board of Trustees. She also recently led the gender/racial... more

Jeff Livesay, Professor Emeritus
Jeff is doing theoretical work on the “generative turn” over the past few decades in social theory (from a focus on causal forces to one on the constitutive power of human agency), in sociological descriptions of late modern societies (from an... more

Katherine Giuffre, Professor
Kathy Giuffre is a sociologist who specializes in the social network analysis, particularly in the art world. Her most recent publications are: "The Drunken Spelunker's Guide to Plato" (Blair 2015), "Communities and Social Networks: Using Social... more

Lauren Hannascott, Professor

Prentiss Dantzler, Assistant Professor
Prentiss's research interests include urban poverty and inequality, neighborhood change and community development practice. His studies focus on aspects of housing and residential mobility, racial politics, and public policy within urban areas. ... more

Sandra Wong, Faculty

Tamara Roberts, Associate Professor

Vanessa Munoz, Assistant Professor