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Spanish and Portuguese

Spanish and Portuguese Academic Year 2018-2019

Andreea Marinescu, Associate Professor
Her primary areas of specialization are contemporary Latin American literature and cultural studies, with particular interests in 20th and 21st century Southern Cone literature and film through the lens of literary and critical theory. She also has... more

Clara Lomas, Professor
Clara recently published a co-edited book, “Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage, Volume VIII.” Houston: Arte Público Press. 2012. The 12 articles in this collection explore the meaning of “Nuestra América” – our America – as José Marti... more

Daniel Arroyo-Rodriguez, Associate Professor
Daniel specializes in the study of 20th century Spanish literature and film, particularly in the post-Franco period (1975–present). His research has a strong emphasis on literary analysis and on political and social theories. His most recent work... more

Javiera Jaque, Assistant Professor

Kathleen Bizzarro, Associate Professor
Kathleen Bizzarro investigated, established, and directed the Spanish in Spain program 2004-2013 in Salamanca, Spain. The program enjoyed the participation of Dean Emily Chan as a Mellon Grant student of Spanish, visits by Dean Eric Popkin, the... more

Martha Slayden, Visiting Assistant Professor

Naomi Wood, Assistant Professor
Naomi is a scholar of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian literatures and cultures and feminist and gender studies. Her current research project examines the ways that "queer" as an identity, theoretical frame, and verb has traveled and transformed throughout... more