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Theatre and Dance

Theatre and Dance Academic Year 2018-2019

Andrew Manley, Associate Professor
Andrew is engaged in an on-going exploration of all the performance possibilities of Samuel Beckett’s work. He recently created and directed “Becket Rooms,” a site-specific promenade performance in 18 attic rooms of continuously performed Beckett... more

Debra Mercer, Faculty

Gypsy Ames, Associate Professor
As a costume designer, Gypsy experiments with nontraditional materials and fabric modification for her designs. Examples of alternative materials utilized for her costumes include window screening, paper, re-purposed materials, fiber optics, Ewire,... more

Idris Goodwin, Assistant Professor
Idris’s work as a performance writer revolves around themes of inequality, identity politics, and cultural empowerment through the arts, primarily music. His upcoming stage plays and performance pieces investigate both the physical and ideological... more

Marie Davis-Green, Associate Professor
Marie’s performance installation designs were chosen for inclusion in the 2015 International Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. Her work was also chosen for exhibition at the World Stage Design 2014 Biennial in Cardiff, Wales. She... more

Patrizia Herminjard, Faculty
Patrizia is a choreographer who specializes in dance for film. “Fragments,” her most recent short film, explores how echoes of a Baghdad airstrike haunt a young man. Drone gun camera audio is from the July 12, 2007, Baghdad airstrike, which shows the... more

Ryan Platt, Associate Professor
Ryan’s academic interests originate in avant-garde theatre and dance, with a focus on contemporary French and German theory and practice. His recent research articulates an alternative paradigm of performance, which he has named screen aesthetics.... more

Shawn Womack, Associate Professor
Shawn Womack’s recent choreography investigates ways in which dancing bodies assimilate with and/or are alienated within difficult environments. In 2016, she collaborated with the Colorado Springs dance company Ormao to create “Press,” a site-specific... more

Thomas Lindblade, Professor
Tom writes extensively on contemporary performance, publishing articles in Comparative Drama, Theatre Survey, The Semiotic Bridge, and New Art Examiner on subjects as varied as John Jesurun, George Coates, Robert Wilson, and David Saunders. He is a... more