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Aju Fenn

Aju is an applied micro-econometrician. He researches topics in the economics of sports, the economics of addiction, environmental economics and the pedagogical aspects of teaching and doing research with undergraduates in Economics. His work in sports economics examines the determinants of competitive balance, the willingness to pay for a new stadium, the demand for NFL games, market power in the NFL, and the impact of race on sporting issues. Aju has published papers on the NFL, the NBA, the NHL and MLB. He has also examined the impact of addiction information on the demand for cigarettes and the dollar value of concealing addiction information to cigarette firms. In addition to his own research, Aju works collaboratively with students on their research and has published papers with CC students. Past student projects include the demand for NFL games, a model of profit maximization in the NFL and the impact of free agency on competitive balance in the NFL. Aju has also written chapters for Springer, Sage and Oxford that introduce the general economist to the NFL, the field of sports economics and the evolution of football leagues. His research has been featured in the Wall Street Journal. Aju’s pedadgogical research examines the determinants of teaching evaluations, strategies to create valuable undergraduate research assistants and strategies to publish with student co-authors. He has published in journals such as The Southern Economic Journal, The Journal of Economic Education, Economics Letters, Applied Economics, The Journal of Sports Economics and the International Journal of Sport Finance.

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